Bus from Miami to Key West

Just when my girlfriend and I thought that we could not have any more excitement during our vacation to Miami Beach, Florida we went on the Key West Tours and it knocked our socks off! my girlfriend and I are adrenaline junkies.

We love to do all types of extreme activities and sports. Of all the crazy and dangerous things that we have done in our lives we both agreed that the Key West Tour ranks amongst the highest of the fun activities! We both love to go rock climbing, sky diving, bungee jumping, and dirt bike riding so we did not really expect to get the adrenaline rush that the speedboat provided us.

Of course we knew it would be a good time but let me tell you, that speedboat tour in Key West really packs a punch! We are both from Webster Springs, West Virginia which if you have ever been there you know that you would need to find a way to make your own fun because there is just not that much to do around there. I think this is part the reason why we are such a thrill seekers that and the fact that we are probably a little crazy. My girlfriend had been to Florida before because her parents took her to Orlando to see Disney World when she was a child.

This is however the first time that I have been able to be lucky enough to vacation there. I could hardly believe my eyes when we arrived in Key West. I had not ever really realized that places as beautiful as this even existed! It wasn’t just the beaches and the beautiful restaurants and shops but also be amazingly pretty girls. Do not tell my girlfriend that I said that! As we were walking around getting a feel for the place that we would be spending the entire week we came across a sales person who was selling all types of different Key West activities and tours.

He had all types of different things to see and do. What really piqued our interest however were the more adventurous types of things to do. Of all of those things we narrowed it down to three things that we felt we just had to do; jet ski rentals, parasailing, and the Key West Tours. We both agreed after we had done the activities that all three were absolutely fantastic but to us the Key West Tour was by far the most outstanding.

This tour is very professionally run. They picked us up right on schedule in front of our hotel’s lobby and took us to the dock that the boat leaves from in the Bay side Marina. This is a beautiful place that harbors boats.  The day we had chosen to take the Key West bus Tour could not have been any more picture-perfect as far as the weather went. Come to think of it every single day that we were in Miami had the exact same perfect weather.

The speedboat tour took us around Key West Islands and they slowed down just enough to point out all of the homes of the rich and famous people that live along the water. The boat also boasts a 1000 watt stereo system so we could hear the narrator and listen to the club music as the boat was flying along the water. Everything combined together to give my girlfriend and I one of the most exhilarating experiences of our lives!